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amoCRM is the worlds first messaging-powered CRM. Get more B2B leads and manage their sales operations better. Try amoCRM and achieve these benefits.
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AmoCRM system is recognized as CRM №1 in Russia and now achieve the recognition worldwide — over 300,000 users, more than 100,000 installations and 1,000 partners. It possesses a huge client base of users, a strong partner network and many different types of widgets. The system is flexible and easy to learn with a clear interface. It will allow you to focus on sales and work with clients, automate the full range of sales processes and manage sales teams.

Youwin Digital is a certified partner, we have specialists which committed their experience yearly during the training program and examination. We offer amoCRM implementation along with integration of tools and widgets.

Why exactly amoCRM

Nowadays, modern business is moving to centralized and systematized sales management. If you still have sales in excel then you may have the following drawback of sales management:

— Data is scattered across different systems;
— Sales control and manage in manual mode;
— Time of owner is spent on not important tasks;
— Sales figures are not objective; 
— Low level of employee control;
— And so on.

In most cases the sales management without CRM causes expensive errors. So, what are the real benefits of amoCRM)? It helps a lot, in particular:

— Automate sales management and simplify sales team control;
— Record all messages and calls from the site via phone, e-mail, messengers and social networks;
— Know which ad channel brings more customers at the lowest price;
— Smooth work with client base in order to increase the profitability of sales;
— Increase the productivity of managers and the quality of client service;
— Automate the task setting process at each stage of the sales funnel;
— Reduce time expenses and focus on actions that bring profit and revenue.

You will be able to control managers, listen and estimate calls, track the communication history with clients (messaging, phone calls, letters, social network) and determine the most efficient managers. You will be able to remind your customers about new products, make additional sales (up-sale and cross-sale) and make it easier for yourself and employees' life with one click after proper integration.

amoCRM benefits

Centralized data management, client base segmentation, task automation and other things allow companies to increase their sales turnover by 20% and more. Therefore, investment in CRM is more than just simplification of work. You get the platform to grow, control and manage your business based on data approach. Here are the key benefits our clients mark after starting using amoCRM:

— The level of customer service improves;
— Sales team becomes more visible in terms of results like phone calls, sales meetings, achieving sales plans;
— Paperwork, notifications, drawing up contracts, preparing reports performs automatically;
— The amount of repeat sales increases because of automatic reminders and auto-selling related products.

The CRM system shows the most profitable clients and helps to be focused on it.

Also, you are able to decompose the commercial goal into daily tasks — how many calls, meetings and offers the employee should conduct in order to achieve the company's annual goal of revenue.

If your sales team is more than 1 person, then it is wise to think about automation of management, accounting and control. Make decisions based on data, rather than personal opinion of managers. CRM system increases the competitiveness of the company in all aspects.

AmoCRM implementation steps

Here are several stages of implementing the CRM system. The default setting includes:

Analysis and briefing. We investigate the processes of the sales department and describe the current situation and what we can improve  business process. We describe the current situation and how it should be after the completion of the project. Fill in the brief indicating the stages of the sales funnel and a description of the fields.

Account setup. We launch an account through a partner office for receiving discounts on licenses in the future. We register the administrator, perform basic settings inside CRM to get started. Registration of cards of the company, transaction and contact, set mandatory fields.

Sales funnels and custom fields set up. Customize sales steps that need to be monitored. AmoCRM gives data for each stage of the sales funnel. You can track where to improve the results. For example, if you see that the majority of clients fall off of the stage of sending proposals, then this is a signal to improve the control and modify your sales proposal. Sometimes it is necessary to create particular fields for products, customers of contacts to track it in further and make client base segmentation clear and handy.

Set up rules for lead distribution. If the contract is assigned to the particular manager, then the call or message falls on him. All new leads are sent to the administrator if automatic distribution rules are not indicated in CRM.

We assign access levels to managers. Sales staff and chief officers are given different levels of access to data. We also prohibit downloading the customer base in order to protect from a situation when an employee download customer base on USB flash drive and leave the company with all necessary data.

Set up your client base. If you have a database of contacts and companies, we transfer and group it by type and tags — so you could start to work right away.

We also set up auto-tasks for particular events in the system and sales funnel stages with. The manager must complete the task in the system to move the potential transaction to the next level.

AmoCRM available integrations

IP-telephony.  We connect IP-telephone service and set the rules of calls distributing to the responsible managers. You can track the audio recording of calls right in deals — analyze phone calls and reasons of failure, improve the speech of managers during your weekly meetings.

E-mail addresses integration. It allows to send mails right from the CRM window to clients instead of jumping through windows. The employee is able answer all correspondence directly from the amoCRM system.

Site integration. No matter what you use — website, e-commerce or landing page. We integrate all incoming leads and set up an automatic assignment to the responsible person along with setting a new task — "Contact customer". Set tags for each form and track the effectiveness of the feedback forms website.

Configuring widgets. There are dozens of widgets that extend the functionality and capabilities of CRM. We set up a set of widgets based on customer needs. 

Here are the most popular widgets:

— Automate the workflow with creating document templates with automatic filling date from a customer, a deal card or contact card;
— Social widgets for message processing right from amoCRM;
— Callback and online chat widgets;
— SMS and email notifications (e.g., by date or funnel stage) widgets;
— Sales scripts, building widgets and so on.

At the end of a project we conduct training across the functionality of the system and demonstrate a sales process from the beginning, answer the questions, show all settings in amoCRM.

Our customers get a technical support  1 month after the integration of amoCRM for free. This time is fully enough to study the system by the sales department and sales director.

How much does it cost? You receive a detailed proposal based on your needs and tasks where we calculate all works and expenses on an hourly basis. Basic amoCRM integration project costs from 500$. If you buy licenses through us, we provide + 3 months free as an official partner.

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