Our selection of handy services

Sometimes we face situations when we need a reliable service to perform a particular task. Hereunder you will find our own recommendations according to your needs.


We prefer BeGet more than seven years. This is stable and reliable hosting with fast loading speed, excellence support.

Free domain search and naming

Namestation.com — domain name generator.

Leandomainsearch — Search for free domains.

Namechk — check a name for availability.

Biznamewiz is a creative name generator.

Online-generator — domain name generator.

Meragor is a keyword-based domain name generator.

Namelix — online company name generator

Project and task management

Trello is a can-ban board, you can manage projects and work together with your team. We also use it to manage content and posts.

Tick Tick — superior service for personal and team task management.

Site speed testing

Google Page Speed — most popular service from Google, helps to check your site and page speed.

GT Metrix — one of the most useful services to check page speed of your site in terms of information details about scripts, sizes of content and how to improve it.

Pingdom — also good to scan your site and check how fast is it.

Page responsiveness

Am I Responsive — check your website, whether it does responsive for mobile devices.


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